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Frequent Ask Questions
Q : What is the Civilian Secretariat for Police?
A : - The CSP is an entity reporting to the Minister of Police.
- It was established to give effect to section 208 of the Constitution.
- The Civilian Secretariat for Police provides efficient and effective civilian oversight over the SAPS & enhances the role of the Minister of Police.
Q : What is Oversight Monitoring and Evaluation?
A : An effective and efficient systematic process of monitoring and evaluating the performance of the South African Police Service towards improved policing service delivery thus leading to accountability, transformation and professionalisation of the police service.
Q : What is the role of the Civilian Secretariat for Police in the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act?
A : - Monitor and evaluate compliance with the Domestic Violence Act, 1998 (Act 20 No.116 of l998);
- Make recommendations to the police service on disciplinary procedures and measures with regard to non-compliance with the Domestic Violence Act,1998;
- Report to Parliament bi-annually, regarding the implementation of DVA by SAPS the number of non-compliance incidents against SAPS members and recommendations.
Q : Where does one report complaints of DV non-compliance?
A : At the police station where the incidence occurred, at any of our Provincial Secretariat offices or at the Civilian Secretariat for Police offices
Q : What is expected of Civilian Secretariat for Police on IPID recommendations?
A : The Civilian Secretariat is expected to monitor the implementation by police service of the recommendations made by IPID and provide the Minister with regular reports on steps taken by it to ensure compliance. At the same time, the CSP is expected to receive and advise on quarterly disciplinary reports that are submitted by SAPS to the Minister and the Secretary.
Q : What type of policies does the Policy Programme draft?
A : The Policy programme drafts policing policies on behalf of the Minister of Police for the SAPS
Q : What is the outcome of the research conducted by the Programme?
A : The research is compiled into reports, and provided to the Secretary of Police, to advise the Minister on areas researched
- Some of the research is used to inform the policing policies.