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Minister Mthethwa Highlights Steps made to Improve Vacancies in Crime Intelligence.
04 March 2014 - Pretoria

The Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa has confirmed that since 2009, 1338 crime intelligence posts have been filled.

In replying to a Parliamentary Question in the National Assembly, Minister Mthethwa said that 665 of these posts were promotional posts, 268 posts were security intelligence, analysts or vetting posts. An additional 405 posts were Public Service posts related to clerks and other support services within Crime Intelligence.

All the above posts, with the exception of the post that related to support service personnel falling under the Public Service Act, were advertised between the period 2009 and December 2012. With regard to the Public Service posts, the SAPS made use of a database of applicants who had applied for public service jobs in the South African Police Service.
The Minister recognizes that vacancies within Crime Intelligence have plagued the Division for some time and the filling of critical vacancies will go some way in ensuring that crime intelligence builds it capacity to perform at the level that is required of the Division.
While the Minister is happy with some of the progress made in the filling of posts within Crime Intelligence, he is aware that more work is still required to ensure that crime intelligence fills all vacant posts. The Minister is also aware that Crime Intelligence has recently identified gaps in personnel and emphasized that all critical post must be filled as a matter of urgency.
The Minister has also tasked the National Commissioner of Police, General Riah Phiyega, to ensure that all correct processes were followed in the filling of the posts since 2009, and that going forward, the filling of crime intelligence posts follow correct procedures and SAPS ensure that no irregularities occur in the filling of posts.

The Minister said, “Crime Intelligence plays a critical role in ensuring proper profiling of perpetrators and verification of case information and has proven very effective in many countries around the world. The South African context is not different and requires a serious focus on employing crime intelligence to improving the quality of cases to ensure convictions. In addition crime intelligence must assist police by providing information that will allow SAPS to develop effective strategies aimed at reducing and combating crime and that are guided by the proactive analysis of crime information. Equally, crime intelligence has as part of its functions the vetting of personnel to ensure that fit and proper persons are employed within this area of policing”.

To this end the Minister is pleased that the filling of security intelligence posts as well as vetting formed part of the vacant posts filled. Crime Intelligence is currently in the process of filling the vacancies of the Provincial Heads of the Division and a number of other critical posts are also being advertised and will be filled shortly.

However, the Minister also said that he would continue to monitor the vacancy rates with crime intelligence and would want to see the timeous filling of vacant posts and that these posts are able to impact on the quality of the work crime intelligence produces.


Zweli Mnisi
Spokesperson to the Minister of Police
Ministry of Police
Mobile: +27 (0)82 045 4024

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