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The Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula, MP, warns those who vow to avenge the death of Sandile Bhengu, who is a gang leader in Kwazulu Natal

07 September 2017

The Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula, has taken note of rumours making their rounds in the social media, that a plan has been put in place to avenge the death of a criminal, Sandile Bhengu. Minister Mbalula wants to reassure the residents of Umlazi that threats made to commit more crime, such as carjackings, the theft of motor vehicles and the killing of police officials, will not be tolerated.

"Criminals will never rule our communities. We remain a constitutional democracy and those who dare to challenge the authority of the State by challenging the police, must know that the police will do everything in their power to maintain law and order within the parameters of the law," said Minister Mbalula.

The residents of Umlazi are cautioned to be vigilant at all times. They must immediately report any person who spins a vehicle on a public road or fires shots into the air. This behaviour must be condemned. Minister Fikile Mbalula, has been briefed about a 43-old-man who was arrested yesterday outside Umlazi "L" Community Hall where the memorial service of Sandile Bhengu was taking place. This suspect is linked to a number of cash-in-transit robberies and other robberies. This must serve as a warning to those who want to dare the mighty of the state.
"I advise the residents of Umlazi to take the necessary precautions and protect their children, as the firing of shots could kill a bystander. I also want to discourage the community members from idolizing criminals. South Africa is full of real role models who contribute positively to building our communities," added Minister Mbalula. Minister Mbalula wants to reiterate that the police will not tolerate criminality. Criminals will never rule the streets of South Africa.

Mr Vuyo Mhaga
Spokesperson for the Police Ministry
Cell no: 076 636 5193

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