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Civilian Secretariat for Police Condemns the Attacks on Non South Africans
11 April 2015

Respect for life is the deepest expression of our humanity. It is what differentiates us from animals. The brutal attacks on non-South Africans transcend animalistic behaviour for not even animals kill without reason. We condemn these attacks in the strongest terms.

Outcome 11 of government's programme of action is to create a better South Africa and to contribute to a better and safer Africa and a better world. This should not just be an objective of government; it should be the quest of every South African.

The Civilian Secretariat for Police calls on every citizen to support the police and robustly lead in putting an end to the attacks on foreigners and foreign nationals, as well as an end to the destruction and looting of property. We call on all religious leaders to enforce the doctrine of love and peace. We call on all traditional leaders to defend the right to life.

South Africans are known for our warmth, hospitality and Ubuntu. Let's live up to the historically exemplary reputation that we have achieved on the continent and conduct ourselves in a manner that makes us the pride of Africa.

Issued by the Acting Secretary of Police

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