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Message of Support from the Deputy Minister of Police, Hon. Ms. Makhotso Maggie Sotyu (MP) for the 2015 SAPS National Excellence Awards Event 2013/2014 Evaluation Period
13 March 2015

Programme Directors,
Minister of Police,
All MECs, Councillors, present
National Commissioner of Police,
All SAPS Top Management and Police Officers,
Award nominees and eventual winners (you are all winners),
Sponsors of the Event,
All SAPS Stakeholders and Partners,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The promotion of healthy lifestyles and general wellness of all citizens has received a special mention in this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA 2015) by His Excellency, the President.

That is why, with the mandate I got from the Minister of Police, I have decided to prioritize the health and wellness of an active police officer, for the Governance Term 2014 – 2019.

You might have heard that on Wednesday, I paid a visit to the SAPS Barracks in Gugulethu, and what I saw was shocking to say the least.

National Commissioner, this aspect of health and wellness of active police officers is fundamental to both the performance and morale of every public servant, in particular to a police officer that responds daily to complaints and to crime scenes.

As the Ministry of Police, we strongly believe that, only those South African Police Service (SAPS) personnel who are excellently trained in academy and in the street, emotionally well and physically healthy, can allow themselves to be motivated and inspired to put more effort into the organization they serve.

In this instance, the SAPS Employee Health and Wellness will continue to be prioritized throughout this Governance Term 2014-2019, for all personnel in the SAPS occupy an important mandate in law enforcement, as they are responsible for maintaining and sustaining law and order in South Africa, first and foremost.

The ability to motivate and inspire people through different programmes becomes then a big part of the SAPS Management.

Our police officers must always be kept motivated to perform their duties by providing them with direction and understanding of their constitutional mandate and organizational vision.

It is important that those that are in management or in supervisory positions, should always be able to provide the SAPS personnel with the specifics and incentive programmes to give them something to strive toward in their career progression.

We will continue to support the Top 1500 Conference, which is annually held and hosted by the National Commissioner of Police. For, one of the best ways to motivate people is to include them in decisions.

This platform is undeniably assisting in sharpening the SAPS Management’s focus, and is also a reminding platform that the SAPS Leadership do care what the personnel of the SAPS think and feel.

As the SAPS Leadership, we want to assure all our SAPS personnel, that we have an open door-policy to both console you in time of grief, and to congratulate you in time of greatness.

We understand your value and importance, and your critical role you play in accomplishing the goals of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Therefore, we will continue keeping you all engaged, fostering you to desire to excel, and for you to ultimately providing public service to all inhabitants of South Africa, at its best.

In conclusion, congratulations to all nominees and eventual winners of the categories. For me, all police officers who, are dedicated and committed to serve this country are the greatest winners. I thus congratulate them in absentia.

I thank you all.

Ms Nomsa Hani
Head of Office & Spokesperson
Office of the Deputy Minister of Police
Ministry of Police
Private Bag X463
Tel: +27 12 3934469 / 21 4677023
Fax: +27 12 3934469 / 21 4614174
Cell: +27 (0) 82 772 2053

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