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Police Committee emphasises need to Heighten Enforcement of Regulations on Private Security Companies

14 May 2020

Parliament, Thursday, 14 May 2020 – The Portfolio Committee on Police has emphasised to the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) to heighten its enforcement of regulations on private security companies.

While the committee is aware that it is impossible to be everywhere at once, the risk-based approach they are currently utilising can have shortcomings which must be strengthened. Furthermore, while the committee welcomes the intention to reduce the inspector/security business ratio from 1-127 to 1-120, a further reduction of this ratio must be considered in future to ensure effective inspections.

The committee welcomed the information that the National Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector (NBCPSS) is now registered with the Department of Labour, something which will ensure the protection of the conditions of service of the security personnel. “While we acknowledge the role of the NBCPSS, we emphasise the critical role of PSIRA inspectors to ensure that employers keep their end of the bargain in relation to conditions of service. We appreciate that currently, as part of their inspection, they monitor the registration of security companies to ensure they deduct the Unemployment Insurance Fund levies,” said Ms Tina Joemat-Pettersson, the Chairperson of the committee.

The intention to digitise most of their registration services was welcomed, especially because of challenges in relation to increasing their footprint and reach. Despite this, the committee has called for the reduction of turnaround times in terms of registration of both security companies and security officers as a way of reducing barriers to entry into the sector. "The digitisation of registration can make it possible to reduce the eight days’ turnaround time currently envisioned by PSIRA," Ms Joemat-Pettersson emphasised.

Despite the call to remove barriers to entry, the committee emphasised the need to strengthen the monitoring of regulations and standards to ensure compliance, especially in relation to training. The adherence to training standards will ensure a professional, accountable and trustworthy private security industry.

The committee highlighted the role of the private security industry as a force multiplier in the fight against crime, and has encouraged the fostering of a strong relationship between the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the private security sector, which PSIRA must develop.

The committee will continue to monitor the implementation of the annual performance plan (APP) and targets to ensure that PSIRA delivers on its mandate.


For media enquiries or interviews with the Chairpersons, please contact the Committees' Media Officer:

Name: Malatswa Molepo (Mr)
Parliamentary Communication Services
Tel: 021 403 8438
Cell: 081 512 7920

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