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Deputy Minister of Police, Hon Ms Makhotso Maggie Sotyu (MP) to Prioritize The South African Police Service Employee Health & Wellness Programme (SAPS EHWP) for the Financial Year 2015-2016, as she attended the Funeral Service of Captain David Mokoto Mongoenyane in Bloemfontein, 17th January 2015.

BLOEMFONTEIN – The Deputy Minister of Police, Ms Makhotso Maggie Sotyu, attended the funeral service of the late Captain David Mokoto Mongoenyane, on 17th January 2015, after visiting the family of the late Sgt Khasane Saul Malakoane, a day before. Both members passed away due to illness, and were both laid to rest on the same day, respectively.

The Minister of Police has mandated the Deputy Minister of Police to oversee the implementation of certain sub-programmes of Programme 1 (Administration) and Programme 2 (Visible Policing), as part of the Department of Police’s key performance areas.

The South African Police Service Employee Health and Wellness is one of the Sub-Programmes that will be prioritized by the Deputy Minister of Police in supporting the Minister of Police’s Medium-Term Strategic Framework (MTTS) Outcomes 2, 3, and 12.

The Deputy Minister of Police said: “It is the goal of the Ministry of Police to avert and obviate any factor that negate the optimal performance of our active police officers. As SAPS Leadership, we will therefore ensure that the National Employee Health and Wellness Strategy is properly mainstreamed, customized and applied to the South African Police Service Employee Health and Wellness Programme and its related projects.

A police officer with a healthy mind and body will perform her/his duties very well. It is thus important that our active police officers make use of all the SAPS EHW resources made available to them”, emphasized the Deputy Minister of Police.

In the next coming months, the Deputy Minister of Police will be getting detailed briefings from the National Head of the SAPS EHWP on planned programmes that will holistically improve and promote a healthy lifestyle of our active police officers, as these are the members who are crucial assets to the sustained good image of the South African Police Service.

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