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Minister Mbalula Outlines Government Policing Interventions in Mogale City

The Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula accompanied by the leadership of the South African Police Service ( SAPS ) returned to Mogale City as per commitment made by him to its residents when he was with them to listen to concerns arising from anti-drug protests in the area.

The people of Mogale City marched against drugs in their community amongst other issue demanding action from the SAPS. As an intervention and response to these concerns, Police working closely with the municipality officials of Mogale City identified and demolished old buildings that were identified as drug dens.

"It must be clear to all drug lords, we will identify and destroy drug dens, we can't leave side by side with criminals. The Police must exact the authority of the State," Minister Mbalula said.

The Police has made fundamental changes, by changing Cluster Commander and appointing two new station commanders in Krugersdorp and Kagiso police stations.

"The instructions are clear, protect our people their property and exert the authority of the state." Mbalula added.

The Police arrested drug dealers, closed illegal shebeens and confiscated drugs.

"As citizens of Mogale City, you spoke to your government last week. We came, we listened and we acted. We urge our people to continue voicing their dissatisfaction in a peaceful manner." Mbalula added

The Minister of Police warned residents against burning state property, urging the community to take ownership of government services and lead effort to protect them. The Minister emphasized the need for viable and vigilant policing to increase public trust for SAPS amongst the residents so they never get tempted to take law into their own hands.

Vuyo Mhaga, Ministry of Police Spokesperson, Tel No:0766365193

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