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Statement by the Minister Of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula,MP, on the occasion of his Address to members of the South African Police Service. Pretoria. 4th April 2017

This Press Conference has been convened by the Ministry in the South African Government with political responsibility for the Department of Police, comprising of the South African Police Service, the Independent Police Investigation and Civilian Secretariat. This is a high level Press Statement that will be enhanced by the subsequent consultations to be presented by Officials to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Police. The follow up briefings within and beyond and the sector will enable the leadership to decide on the priorities for the 2017/2018 financial year, taking into account the Annual Performance Plan (APP) of the Department. Of significance importance will be our ability to monitor and evaluate the extent to which we are progressing in bringing down crime statics and creating a conducive environment for society to function and economy to thrive.

The Press Conference is convened following the appointment of the Minister of Police and Deputy Minister by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr JG Zuma on the 31st March 2017. The mandate issued by the President to the Minister of Police and elaborated in the Government-wide programmes to combat crime necessitates an urgent escalation of the fight against crime on all fronts. All man and women within the Police Service are invited to join hands with us as we embark on the offensive to defeat criminality so that peace and order can reign supreme in our respective communities and society in general.

The South African Police Service occupies a place of pride in the hearts and minds of the South African citizenry and it is our unremitting mission to take the Police Service to new heights. Much as there are men and women within the police who strive for high ethical standards and moral values in the conduct of their daily duties, there are however rotten apples within the system that must be unearthed and uprooted. It is in the interest of society that we expose and root out corrupt elements within the Police Service through zero tolerance to corruption and mismanagement. You have our commitment to ensure that the man and women in blue are supported to the optimum and that the conditions of service are improved given the difficult circumstance in which we operate.

All the man and women within the police force must be fit for purpose and proper persons. It is my intention to conduct a national road-show to all nine provinces with a view to interact and gain first hand information on the challenges faced by members of the Polices Services and Communities in respect of matters of safety and security. I will include in my road shows consultation with sectors in our cluster that are have an impact or are impacted upon by effective policing.

The Police machine has got wheels of its own and ours is to marshal all forces and deploy resources in the so called hot-spots, in main while tackling sporadic acts of criminality. We are planning to deal with criminals with the agility of a cat and the ferocity of a bull.

The violence and civil unrest that has become a common feature during service delivery protests and related incidents are a cause for concern and must be stopped-dead on its tracks. Protest of whatever nature should be conducted in a peaceful manner and within the rule of the law. We will continue acting firmly against any acts of violence directed or that results in the destruction of property. We will bring the full might of the Police Services to protect individuals targeted during these violent protests.

We end by inviting all South Africans wherever they are, whether it is in the farms or villages, in the townships or towns, at the taxi-ranks or bus-stops, in the schools or hospitals, in police stations or train stations, in the churches or universities, in the restaurants or taverns to join in our drive to make South Africa safe place for all of us. Safety is our collective responsibility more so for the weak, the girl-child and elderly. I count on your support to the Police Service to execute its duties to make South Africa a better place for the human race and posterity.

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