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Remarks by the Deputy Minister of Police, Hon. Ms. Makhotso Maggie Sotyu (MP) at the SAPS Amangwe Front- Line Service Delivery Project Launch.
11 July 2015

Programme Director,
House of Traditional Leader: Inkosi Chiliza,
Minister of Police,
Premier of KZN,
MEC for Community Safety,
All Public Representatives,
National Commissioner of Police and Team,
All Police Officers,
All SAPS Core Stakeholders (CPFs, Unions, Business Against Crime etc.),


Distinguished Guests,

Members of the Media,

By launching this important project: Frontline Service Delivery (FSD), today here in this beautiful Province, the KZN, at the Amangwe Police Station, we are decisively indicating two facts to the nation:

1. (i) Apartheid has had a heavy blow and lasting impact in the historically disadvantaged communities, resulting in these communities to be less resourced and less capacitated to meet their safety needs and solve their security problems effectively.

2. (ii) The context and environment in which policing currently takes place has changed and will still continue to change, and thus policing requires a constant radical transformation of its police stations as hubs of service delivery.


As Government, we will never be apologetic or be embarrassed to say that, the apartheid legacy has made it difficult to solve our problems in just mere 20 years.

As our President has emphasized: OPEN QUOTE: “To suggest we cannot blame apartheid for what is happening in our country now, I think is a mistake, to say the least. We don't need to indicate what it is apartheid did. The fact that the country is two in one - you go to any city, there is a beautiful part and squatters on the other side - this is not the making of democracy and we can't stop blaming those who caused it”. CLOSE QUOTE.

The Front-Line Service Delivery Project is thus leveling the field, by closing the gap between the poorly developed police station infrastructural capacities (scarce resources, skills, and isolated support), and those that are already developed, as found in affluent areas.

By blaming apartheid, we are neither pleading ignorance nor inexperience nor are we perpetuating excuses for inefficiency. We are indeed quite aware that, by redistributing fiscal, renovating infrastructure, and enhancing human capacity in deserving communities, will not translate into immediate service provision, if there is no radical shift in the mind-set of both provider and recipient.

As the provider, the Department of Police and its employees, must continue to acknowledge that service delivery in South Africa is of crucial importance particularly because of its central role it plays in the reduction of poverty and misery.


It is a glaring fact that there is a growing frustration in the community about service delivery from other front- line Departments at a local level. And, this has put a lot of additional pressure on the police.

Therefore, as the South African Police Service, we are expected and obligated to change our basic methods, procedures, and structures of policing to align with these added constraints.

As the police, we are expected to go beyond the mere refurbishment; re-imaging; and professionalizing of all police officers and police stations. When all our police stations have reached the desired standard through the FSD Project, we expect the human resource to be sustainable, otherwise all the good work might collapse.

Both the people and the police have a duty that this does not occur ever, especially after all the energies and efforts put by the National Commissioner and her Team to facilitate for this Project.

We plead for a symbiotic relationship between all the community sectors, especially at local police station level. All of us have to nurture this Frontline Service Delivery Project here in the Amangwe Police Station.

Let us all strive for constructive lifestyles that are characterized by a social interest to safeguard this Police Station of Amangwe. A well-equipped police station is the first line for your safety, your complaint, and your ultimate justice.

That is why the SAPS is called a front-line department. It is a buffer between law and lawlessness, order and disorderly, security and insecurity.


Allow the Amangwe Police Station to be a front-line of quality service, of secured confidence and comfort to victims and survivors of crime. By doing so, the police will deliver their service confidently, in collective with the community.

The police will never be isolated from the community it is trying to protect. Policing will become legitimate and effective to manage impromptu instability arising from public protests.

In conclusion, Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to reiterate what I said before, that this Frontline Service Delivery Service is unapologetically biased for our still disadvantaged communities, and is thus pro-poor service delivery.

During this Mandela month, we wish to reaffirm the ANC-led Government’s commitment to democracy and radical transformation, by helping our people to assert control over their day-to-day lives, through effective and efficient service delivery.
I thank you all.

Enquiries To:

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Head of Office & Spokesperson
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