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Functions of Provincial Secretariats
  • In order to support the objects of the Civilian Secretariat referred to in section 4 and subject to the principles of co-operative governance and intergovernmental relations contained in Chapter 3 of the Constitution, each provincial secretariat must:
    1. Align its plans and operations at the provincial sphere of government with the plans, policies and operations of the Civilian Secretariat; and
    2. Integrate its strategies and systems at the provincial sphere of government with the strategies and systems of the Civilian Secretariat.
  • The provincial secretariat must, for purposes of subsection (1), establish competencies and capabilities in its operations, to:
    1. monitor and evaluate the implementation of policing policy in the province;
    2. evaluate and monitor police conduct in the province;
    3. develop and evaluate safety models and monitoring tools to ensure alignment with the functions of the Civilian Secretariat;
    4. assist the Civilian Secretariat with any monitoring and evaluation projects; and
    5. Promote community police relations;
    6. Establish and promote partnerships; and
    7. Manage the enhancement of community safety structures with the province.