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Chief Directorate: Intersectoral Coordination and Strategic Partnership


  • To manage and encourage national dialogue on community safety and crime prevention.


  • Facilitate the participation of communities in crime prevention initiatives
  • Ensure an collaborative effort between government and business on crime prevention
  • Ensure an collaborative effort between government and civil society organisations on crime prevention
  • Enhance intergovernmental co-operation on safety and security through an coordinated effort in tackling challenges and blockages


  • Facilitate and implement intergovernmental co-operation of safety.
  • Conduct ongoing interaction with citizens in the manner contemplated by this Act.
  • Enhance the quality and accessibility of safety programmes through improved participation by the community.
  • Encourage National dialogue on safety and crime prevention.
  • Facilitate pro-active and interventionist models in communities.
  • Co-ordinate efforts to deal with challenges faced by the police service as requested by the Minister.
  • Develop frameworks and strategies to ensure uniformity, accountability and enhancement of community police fora and associated structures.
  • Maximise capacity and expertise in the Civilian Secretariat.



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