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The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service(‘the Civilian Secretariat’) serves as technical advisor to the Minister of Police (‘the Minister’) to evince a transversal civilian oversight capability on the governance, service delivery and resourcing of the South African Police Service (‘the Police Service’). The Civilian Secretariat performs advisory functions on various matters including but not limited to, departmental policy and strategy, legislation, police performance through conducting audits, communication, community mobilisation on crime prevention, Integrated Justice System and on international obligations and liaison

The Secretary for Police Service as Head of the Civilian Secretariat is accountable to both the Minister and Parliament in terms of reporting. .

The Civilian Secretariat exercises its powers and performs its functions without fear, favour or prejudice in the interest of the maintenance of effective and efficient policing and a high standard of professional ethics in the Police Service.

The Civilian Secretariat is mandated to perform, inter-alia the following:

  • Providing the Minister with policy advice and research support,
  • Developing departmental policy through qualitative and evidence-based research,
  • Providing civilian oversight of the Police Service through monitoring and evaluating overall police performance,
  • Mobilising role-players, stakeholders and partners outside the department through engagements on crime prevention and other policing matters, and
  • Providing other support services to the Minister in pursuit of achieving his/her mandate.

Structure Chief Directorate 
    Partnership Chief Directorate
Policy & Research Chief Directorate
      Legislation         Chief Directorate
Monitoring & Evaluation   Chief Directorate
Chief Financial Officer Chief Directorate
Corporate Service Minister Deputy Minister

You may be interested to read more about:

  • Read the Executive Authority Statement
  • Establishment of Secretariat.
  • Functions of Secretariat: The Civilian Secretariat must, in order to achieve its objectives.
  • Objectives: Exercise civilian oversight over the Police Service through monitoring and evaluating overall police performance against planned programmes.

  • Vision, Mission & Values:


    A transformed and accountable Police Service that reflects the democratic values and principles of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.


    To provide efficient and effective civilian oversight over the South African Police Service for safer and more secure communities through community participation, legislation and policy development.
  • Values

    In carrying out its mission, the CSPS subscribes to the following values:


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