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Chief Directorate: Policy Development and Research


The Chief Directorate consists of two sub-programmes–
  • Policy and Research
  • Legislation


  • Provide research and conduct strategy development
  • Co-ordinate and advice on the implementation of Secretariat policy processes
  • Facilitate and co-ordinate the implementation of SAPS developed policies
  • Manage and facilitate policy analysis processes
  • Establish and strengthen partnerships with research bodies/institutions and provincial Secretariats; and
  • Manage and provide a research and resource information management service to all relevant stakeholders


  • Continuous high quality, evidence-based strategic policy advice provided to the Minister
  • High quality, evidence-based research programmes on policing issues
  • Enhanced research and policy development within the policing environment
  • A Resource Centre that acts as an information hub to support all components of the Secretariat and provinces
  • Relevant legislation within the safety and security environment is developed and processed


  • To provide timeous, evidence-based strategic research and policy advice and legislative support to the Minister of Police.


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