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Minister Mbalula to Intervene in Cross-Border Criminality in Mangozi KZN

The Minister of Police Mr Fikile Mbalula together with the South African Police Service National Police Commissioner, General. Khehla Sitole visited the community of Manguzi in KwaZulu Natal following requests by the community to meet with the police leadership.

The Minister's visit was meant to respond to this call and get first-hand information from the people of Manguzi on what their concerns are and how the South African Police Service ( SAPS ) can intervene.

Addressing the Minister on their concerns, the community of Manguzi led by their leaders called on the government to intervene in reducing motor vehicle theft and general crime in the area. The community's concern was centred on cross-border crime where the South African - Mozambique border is used for criminal activity.

Having listened to the concerns, Minister Mbalula reiterated his understanding that people’s protests are not isolated from the challenges experienced by the police in fighting crime. The Minister promised to return on the 16th of February with a strong response and intervention.

"Our people are not protesting for the sake of it. They do so because there is a real concern and their government must listen to them. The people of Manguzi have been complaining about cross border crime. The theft of motor vehicles in the area as reported is a serious concern that needs strong intervention from the police," Minister Mbalula said

The Minister applauded the community for exercising their democratic right to protest and urged them to allow kids to go back to school and businesses to operate.

"We need to seek and find these syndicates and arrest them as they are the root cause of our problem. More to this, we need a multifaceted approach of government's security cluster response to strengthen our anti-crime strategy at the border. The community is already on-board further placing emphasis on community partnerships in our fight against crime. Above all, we need to meet with our neighbouring countries on the border, specifically Mozambique. We will come back to the area in two weeks with an integrated plan that brings all these aspects together," Minister Mbalula ended.

The community appreciated Minister’s arrival to listen to genuine concerns, expressed gratitude and dispersed peacefully to their homes.

ENQUIRIES: Mr. Vuyo Mhaga, Ministry of Police Spokesperson, Tel No:0766365193

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