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Appointment of Judge Frans Diale Kgomo to investigate complaints relating to the Directorate For Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI)

06 October 2017

Good Day, ladies and gentlemen

The South African Police Services Act, Chapter 17 L which deals with mechanisms for the public to channel their complaints against the DPCI (HAWKS) conduct. The Act calls upon the Minister of Police to appoint a retired judge to perform this function.

I have the privilege and honour, after due consultation with the Minister of Justice and the Chief Justice to announce the appointment of the Honourable Judge FRANS DIALE KGOMO as the judge to investigate complaints from any member of the public relating to any serious infringement of rights caused by an investigation by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) or complaints received from any member of the DPCI who can provide evidence of any improper influence or interference, whether of a political or other nature, exerted upon him or her.

The DPCI, commonly referred to as the Hawks, is tasked with the legal responsibility of preventing, combating and investigating national priority offences and other offences, including selected offences referred to in the Prevention and Corrupt Activities Act, 2004 Act No 12of 2004).

Judge Kgomo’s role does not derogate the role of the IPID and Inspector General of Intelligence but compliments these institutions and as such there will work together in the protection of our people and maintenance of integrity in our criminal justice system.

Judge KGOMO is appointed with immediate effect, filling the vacancy created by the passing away of Judge Essa Moosa. Judge KGOMO was the Judge President of the Northern Cape Division in Kimberly. He has an impressive human rights background, having previously practised as an Advocate at the North West Bar and was a member of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) and the Lawyers for Human Rights.

The appointment of Judge KGOMO will contribute in ensuring that the DPCI executes its mandate in accordance with the spirit of the constitution. I look forward to working with you Judge and thank you for accepting my invitation in your retirement to serve your people once again.

I now invite you to say a few words.

Thank you

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